Functional Medicine Consultation in Naperville

Functional Medicine is an ever growing alternative medicine that is practiced in Naperville, IL and surrounding areas. While functional medicine is uncommon, looking for what is causing the patient’s illness, using both mental/emotional health and physical health. Looking at the mental/emotional health of a patient can help determine a course of treatment. We will work to create an individualized program for every patient, so no two treatment plans are the same. We do have multiple offices across the state of Illinois, however your care is our priority.

Working Together For Your Good

Individualized programs are a perfect way to integrate other parts of health, such as lifestyle and nutritional coaching. When our brains are off, the rest of our body is off. Our brain chemistry does contribute to our physical health. Things, such as our cortisol and serotonin levels, help the body function properly. For instance, cortisol, or the “stress hormone,” pushes or shuts down our body when stress occurs, it is also responsible for the flight or fight response. Major events, such as trauma, divorce and job changes can cause cortisol to release and add tension to the muscles of the body, causing you to feel tired faster. Coupling the restoration of mind and body creates healing for the body as a whole, leaving you feeling more refreshed and healthy.

Questions We Normally Get

What Can I Expect From A Functional Medicine Doctor?

Our doctors spend more time with you, learning about your lifestyle, habits and history. We believe one-on-one time helps us learn about you and our ability to create a customized plan of treatment for you. Every treatment is individualized for what fits you and your needs, best acting on your chronic illness properly. Functional medicine doctors are not quick to write a prescription, often trying to find alternative ways to help patients, with things such as nutritional changes, lifestyle changes, even little things like acupuncture. They look for the “why” and not just the “what” of symptoms, finding the root of them.

What Are The Benefits Of Functional Medicine?

While we work with a wide range of ailments, the primary focus of this discipline is chronic illnesses. While doing that, it is more personalized for you specifically and what your illness is. The focus is also on healing not only your mind, but your body, through integrative medicine. Functional Medicine is not just a single discipline practice, there are so many disciplines within it. From Acupuncture to talk therapy to traditional medicine, functional medicine works together to create a program that works best for you, no matter what that looks like.

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If you are looking for a functional medicine doctor in Naperville, then please contact our office. We extend our services to the people in many of the surrounding areas, such as Wheaton and Elmhurst. Our office is located in Wheaton, IL. Let us schedule you an appointment with us today.