Functional Medicine Consultation Serving Elmhurst, IL

If you are looking for a doctor that connects with patients via telemedicine, Dr. Quintana offers convenient consultation options with his telemedicine platform. Through telemedicine patients are able to get the care they need from the comfort of their home. Dr. Quintana’s office is located in Wheaton, IL and serves Elmhurst and surrounding areas.

Offering Functional Medicine Consultation To Improve Health

Functional Medicine focuses on the optimal functions of your entire body and organs versus conventional medicine that only targets individual symptoms. We have many services that are offered to support client wellness through functional medicine. Laboratory-based assessments, nutritional supplement programs, diet and lifestyle counseling including stress management and heartmath interventions are all included in Dr. Quintana’s services. If you want to learn more about a functional medicine consultation, you can put your trust in Dr. Quintana, serving Elmhurst and surrounding areas, knowing you are on the road to a better-feeling you.

Optimizing Health Through Functional Medicine

Dr. Michael Quintana is a functional medicine trained chiropractic physician that focuses on the mind-body apparatus through lifestyle and diet modifications to improve health and wellness. Things such as food, breathing techniques, and supplements are major parts of his treatment plan. Dr. Quintana’s easy-approach telemedicine practice allows you to improve your health from home with functional medicine. Kits are delivered to your home and may include salivary, stool, urine collection, or blood spot. After collecting these and they are sent to the lab in prepaid shipping bags, he usually gets your results in 7-14 business days. Once received, he will review your results and findings and create a plan for you individually.

You will then have a follow up appointment and receive a Personalized Health Program which includes diet changes, nutritional supplements, exercise, lifestyle and stress management recommendations. You will have follow up consultations to track your progress and make any necessary changes to your individual program. Dr. Quintana, after his own personal experience with health issues, and seeing results that exceeded his expectations with functional medicine, is confident that a functional medicine consultation is the start to you living a better quality and healthier life.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Functional Medicine

Dr. Quintana knows that patients often have questions regarding functional medicine. Here are a couple questions most commonly received:

What Is The Difference Between Functional Medicine And Conventional Medicine?

Conventional medicine merely examines individual symptoms and presumes that they are related to various body parts. Functional medicine permits you and the physician to examine the symptoms to establish the affected systems in your body.

Why Use A Functional Medicine Doctor?

If you are struggling with chronic or long term-health issues and haven’t found satisfactory results through conventional medicine, you should consider a consultation, via telemedicine, with Dr. Quintana in Wheaton, IL and serving Elmhurst and surrounding areas. He will work with you to restore your health with patient-centered care, getting to know you and not just your illness. Please call the office for more information.

Contact Our Office

Please call our office for more information or to schedule an appointment. it is our please to help those who live in the surrounding areas to us, such as Glen Ellyn and Naperville. We look forward to hearing from you.