Functional Medicine Doctor Near Me in Lisle

Are you curious about functional medicine and how it could help you? If you’re in Lisle or its surrounding areas, then visit Dr. Quintana of Mind Body Balance Clinic. Stop thinking there is only one treatment option for your problems.

What Is Functional Medicine?Functional Medicine Doctor Near Me in Lisle

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “functional medicine”. It is the practice of evaluating the body as whole to assess what the underlying cause of your symptoms are. Meaning the doctor will interview you about your daily environments, eating habits, and other nutritional habits. This is so they can get to know you on a personal level and determine why you are experiencing discomfort. Rather than just treating the symptoms, functional medicine focuses on treating the issue causing the symptoms.  

We Serve The Wheaton Community

If you are in Wheaton, IL or near Lisle and its surrounding areas, then you are close to us! Lisle, IL was established back in 1832 and has a population of over 23,000 residents. Dr. Quintana proudly serves his community daily by offering his services as a top functional medicine doctor. Lisle is best known for being a historical landmark. 

Our Most Commonly Asked Questions 

If you are unsure if functional medicine is the route for you. Then first, check out our most commonly asked questions about functional medicine to see what others are saying! 

What Are The Advantages Of Functional Medicine? 

There are many advantages of going the functional medicine route. For one, the main focus is on building a good doctor-patient relationship. This is to better understand you and your body as a whole to then create a personalized plan for you. It is also a more natural alternative to conventional medicine, another valuable benefit to many people. 

How Do I Know If Functional Medicine Is Right For Me?

If you are tired of not getting the answers you need on what’s going on with your body. Or maybe you’re just tired of treating the symptoms of your illness/disease and want to find the root cause. Maybe you’d like a more personable relationship with your doctor to know that they’re really doing what’s best for you. Then functional medicine might be right for you. 

What Can I Expect From A Functional Medicine Doctor?

A functional medicine generally takes on a more holistic approach. So you can expect a number of interviews so the doctor can get a better understanding of your living habits. You can also expect to take more action then you would with a conventional doctor. Functional medicine focuses on healing the body as a whole. Requiring you to put in some effort. 

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