Functional Medicine Doctor Near Me in Glen Ellyn, IL

Are you looking to improve your quality of life? Looking to make a change in your lifestyle, maybe your diet or even your own mindset? Well then, Dr. Quintana is here to help. Some of his services include functional lab testing, lifestyle consulting, personalized nutrition plans, targeted supplements, and mindset mastery.

Functional Medicine Functional Medicine Doctor Near Me in Glen Ellyn, IL

Functional medicine is a full-body approach to wellness and healing. Instead of the conventional way of medicine which attempts to target and correct individual symptoms, functional medicine focuses on the whole of the issue and how it can not only be fixed or improved locally in the body but also how it may improve or affect other parts of your body or even life.

We Serve Glen Ellyn, IL, And Surrounding Areas

Dr. Quintana and his team love serving the Glen Ellyn community and the surrounding area. Glen Ellyn is a city in DuPage County and has a population of over 24,000. If you reside in the area please reach out for an appointment.

Commonly Asked Questions

When it comes to functional medicine you may be asking yourself such questions as why choose functional medicine? And does it really even work? Below we will explore these questions:

Why Functional Medicine?

It searches for the root causes behind a patient’s symptoms rather than simply addressing individual symptoms. This type of approach is much more than taking a costly prescription (sometimes both to one’s health and wallet.) It works with your body’s defenses and allows you to strengthen what your body already has within it rather than rely on something foreign that must be taken 3 times a day.

Does It Really Work?

Yes. Functional medicine is a more natural and neutral approach to your health rather than some treatment that introduces foreign and disruptive elements into your body in order to force healing. It focuses on the whole of the issue so that there can be short-term and long-term relief and healing. Not only can it assist in preventing these issues from furthering or continuing in the near future, but it also addresses any other issues that may occur as an unwanted bonus from the current situations or illnesses.

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If you are tired of the same old treatments and pills and are ready to try something new in the form of strengthening your body and its defenses as a whole, contact us. We help the people in many of the surrounding areas to us, such as Elmhurst and Warrenville. You deserve answers, as well as a treatment and plan that will provide you with long-lasting relief and results. Help us help you by contacting us today.