Functional Medicine Doctor Near Me in Carol Stream

Are you tired of receiving medical care that only treats your symptoms and not the real issue? That’s why you should switch to a functional medicine doctor! If you are in the Carol Stream area then visit Dr. Quintana at the Mind Body Balance Clinic! 

We Specialize In Functional Medicine Functional Medicine Doctor Near Me in Carol Stream

Functional medicine focuses more on the illness behind the symptoms. Rather than simply treating the symptoms, functional medicine targets the problem causing the symptoms. The doctor will evaluate your body as a whole to address the underlying issue at hand. When you visit Dr. Quintana and the team, you will receive personalized care and build trusting relationships. One-on-one care that shows you how much our doctors and staff are there for you as an individual. 

We Serve The Residents Of Carol Stream

If you’re in Wheaton or Carol Stream, IL or its surrounding areas, then you are close to our office! Carol Stream was established in 1959 and has a current population of over 39,000 residents. It is most famously known for being named after its founder’s daughter. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions 

If you are curious about what functional medicine is and how it can help you. Then please see our most frequently asked questions about the subject. 

What Is The Difference Between Functional And Conventional Medicine?

The main difference between the two types of medicine is that conventional medicine treats the symptoms that arise. Where functional medicine treats the underlying causes to the illness/disease. Functional medicine requires a more in depth knowledge of your habits to determine the underlying causes. Then create a personalized care plan to treat it.

What Are The Benefits Of Functional Medicine? 

A great benefit of choosing functional medicine is that it focuses more on the doctor-patient relationship. It also focuses more on chronic illnesses as well as offers you a more natural alternative to medicine and treatments. 

How Are Functional Medicine Doctors Different? 

A conventional doctor will evaluate only the individual symptoms and presume that it’s related to various body parts. A functional doctor examines you and the symptoms to see what body parts are affected. Followed by creating a personalized treatment plan to focus on not just treating the symptoms but the underlying cause. 

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