Functional Medicine in Wheaton, IL

Functional medicine gives you the ability to try a new method of treating your chronic illnesses. While it seems out of the box, this practice combines different approaches like acupuncture, massage therapy, talk therapy and lifestyle coaching to help get your health and illness in check. Our office is located in Wheaton, IL, but we accept patients from Winfield and the surrounding counties.

Our GoalFunctional Medicine Doctor in Winfield

Our goal is to help you, physically, mentally and emotionally. Yes, we said mentally and emotionally! The brain plays a huge factor in the functionality of the body. If we are stressed, triggered or overwhelmed, our brain sends signals to our body to slow down and/or shut down. This can cause extreme fatigue, muscular tension or spasms and even weaken your immune system!

We Offer Treatment To The Winfield Area

Winfield is a village located in Milton and it is near one of the largest hospitals in the Chicago area. We understand that illnesses can be debilitating and slow you and your life down. Together, you and our team will create a plan of action on how to tackle your symptoms. We understand that there isn’t just one solution for everyone, but we will be happy to change your plan until it is a perfect fit for you!

Questions You May Have

Is functional medicine a pseudoscience?

While some may claim it is a pseudoscience not based in “real medicine,” it is actually the opposite. Functional medicine is rooted in finding the source of an issue and using a combination of traditional medicine and holistic methods to create the perfect regimen for patients. None of our patients’ treatment plans will be the exact same, due to the individuality of each patient’s unique needs and illnesses. Pseudoscience is an incorrect belief inferred from scientific methods. We work to incorporate traditional medicine with additional courses of treatment.

Is a functional medicine doctor the same as a naturopath?

Functional Medicine, on the other hand, still incorporates scientific medicine. It adds additional resources and methods of treatments to help treat chronic pain and illnesses. Just like with all forms of medicine, our goal is to alleviate any and all discomfort and pain.

We Want to Help You Control Your Health, Give Us a Call!

We can’t wait to get you a consultation and discuss your treatment plan! Whether you live in Naperville, Elmhurst, or some other surrounding area, we can help you. Reach out to us to set it up!